stephenson STUDIO believes that innovative, contemporary architecture, based on modernist principles has an enormously positive effect.  Our work is not based on a repeat prescription but demonstrates our concern for rigorously coherent, contextually progressive architecture that is stimulating and inspiring in concept, detail and construction.

stephenson STUDIO is no ordinary architectural practice. In twenty five years it has established quite a reputation, both within the profession and the building industry at large, for achieving results. Its long list of clients suggest this reputation is well founded.

With over 20 dedicated staff stephenson STUDIO has the capacity to take on almost any commission that comes its way, but it has organised itself to ensure that it can provide a service that is both personal and professional.

stephenson STUDIO views the practice as a resource responsive to all clients, whether a multi-national corporation, private developer or community trust. stephenson STUDIO is distinguished by the range and quality of service it offers. Clients are often surprised at the broad scope of its expertise. Clients often want more than simply a design consultant; stephenson STUDIO provides them with a broadly based professional service that covers everything from setting up market surveys and financial packages to architecture, interior design and the management and maintenance of buildings. When it doesn’t have the answers itself it knows who to ask. stephenson STUDIO thinks that the process is as important as the end product. Experience has shown it that good buildings are the result of commitment and communication at all levels; it places special emphasis on developing a fruitful relationship with all its clients and consultants.

stephenson STUDIO doesn’t believe in standard solutions – buildings are rarely that simple. It believes in responding quickly and effectively, and will not shy away from the unconventional approach. It prides itself on its record of making things happen. stephenson STUDIO is often described as ‘pioneering’. This certainly applies to some of the better known projects. Smithfield Buildings and Houldsworths Mill in Manchester are examples of mould breaking nationally important residential and mixed use scheme which have had a major impact on regeneration in their respective areas.

stephenson STUDIO was talking about urban regeneration long before politicians knew what that meant. It has also been responsible for important innovations in the field of corporate office space, based on the premise that a more humane working environment is ultimately more profitable for everyone.

stephenson STUDIO aims to produce thoughtful, well-conceived, well-mannered buildings; in short, it takes its professional responsibilities very seriously.

The team at stephenson STUDIO includes some of the most talented architects of their generations, and everyone in the office contributes their own particular skills and interest to its many faceted operations. They share a high level of motivation to achieve results. They are not interested in preconceived architectural styles: that would not be appropriate with the wide range of work that it undertakes. Each project is considered afresh – on its own merits – by a balanced team set up to respond effectively to the client’s needs. That is why many stephenson STUDIO schemes win acclaim & awards and why clients come back to it.