north road

The proposal involves the erection of a single building accommodating four self-contained apartments on a concealed plot within the South Hale conservation area in Hale Barns, Cheshire.

The four apartments are arranged within the building to provide maximum privacy from neighbouring dwellings and each of the apartments.

Exterior merges with interior, building merges with landscape, spaces are studied exercises in volumetric interplay, light is manipulated by transparency and reflection. The controlled form and elevational treatment creates a simple, understated, calm building that maximises the assets of the site, its surrounding landscape and views. The bold, robust forms, with deep set reveals, help to express the carved solidity and sculptural quality of the architecture.

The proposed limited material palette with contrasting textures and colours (lightly coloured render, shuttered concrete, timber and glass) will create an elegant scheme with a distinctive presence within the site, whilst being discreet from North Road.